Buy copper at a discount with the Initial Token Offering of Cu Coin MBX

Originally posted on KryptoMoney.


Blockchain Metal Companies’ first product Cu Coin MBX, a negotiable electronic warehouse receipt on the ethereum blockchain representing 1kg of Grade A Copper Cathodes, comes with attractive incentives for its Initial Token Offering participants.

Participants can buy Copper with FIAT currencies with a SWIFT transaction or with Crypto-Currencies by sending them to Blockchain Metal Company owned wallets that will be released together with the ITO contracts. The minimum purchase amount per transaction is 300 USD.

The ITO is planned to last 12 Months and is divided into 5 Stages. Each Stage has a Hard-Cap of 15.000.000 USD and a Soft-Cap of 5.000.000 USD. These volumes ensure a smooth bulk purchasing procedure and enables the discounts on the market price. The same market price used in the Supplier contract at the end of each stage will transparently be applied to Initial Token Offering customers in the relevant stage.

Besides offering discounts in stages on the London Metal Exchange determined market price of copper during the ITO, which in itself is already a great incentive as all other financial instruments in relation to commodities trade at a premium at retail investor volumes, a bonus of Fee Token MBX is granted to each customer for each Cu Coin MBX purchased.

Fee Token MBX is a discount coupon for costs and services of the Blockchain Metal Company and it is pegged at 1 USD per token. It can be used to pay for fees on Metal Blockchain Exchange or for fees during the procedure of exchanging Cu Coin MBX to physical copper. Effectively this means ITO participants can trade their Copper for free for a long time.

Fee Token MBX will also be used to reward brokers who refer customers to Blockchain Metal Company. Customers that register to Blockchain Metal Companies’ ITO with a referral code will earn their Brokers 3 Fee Token MBX per Cu Coin MBX purchased in the upcoming 7 years!

The Initial Token Offering is not launching until 2020 however a non-binding registration for the ITO is already online and offers a 5 FMX bonus for early registrants.

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