Cu Coin MBX (Ticker: CMX) is an electronic negotiable warehouse receipt exchangeable for 1 Kg of Grade A (99.99% – 99.97% purity) Copper Cathodes each in accordance with §475c ff. HGB (German Commercial Code) in the form of an unforgeable certificate programmed on the ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 Token.

Warehouse receipts are legally defined documents that provide proof of ownership for an underlying asset (e.g. Copper Cathode) that is stored in a warehouse. Negotiable warehouse receipts allow for the transfer of ownership without having to deliver the physical asset. Each coin is exchangeable for 1 Kg of Grade A Copper Cathodes stored in Blockchain Metal Company warehouses with the initial warehouse located in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Utilizing blockchain technology creates the most secure, efficient, and convenient platform to keep track of and trade warehouse receipts:

  • The Public Key of an e-wallet function as ID for holders and the Private Key functions as a transaction validation system similar to a signature.
  • The certificates are unforgeable and the system is considered impossible to hack.
  • Certificates can be viewed together with their smart contract and information on an easily accessible public ledger (e.g. etherscan.io).
  • All transactions are recorded on the public ledger with time stamps, thus information on inventory or trading data can be obtained easily enabling traders to predict prices better.

Fee Token (FMX)

This is an ERC-20 Token acting as discount coupon within the MBX ecosystem. Pegged at 1 USD it can be used to pay for physical withdrawal fees and all other fees on the online exchange. It can not be used to purchase metals and will not be sold during the ITO. However holders who do not plan to use these Tokens may liquidate them on various exchanges. You can earn Fee Token MBX by taking part in our referrals program and acquiring clients for Blockchain Metal Company.

Weight 1Kg
Shape Cathode
Cu Min 99.97%
Quality Grade A


ITO Stage
Price (LME Ton)
FMX / $10
1 -5% 5
2 -4% 4
3 -3% 3
4 -2% 2
5 -1% 1
Step 1 Contract signed between supplier and BMC.
Step 2 Commercial invoice signed by BMC.
Step 3 BMC issues a Standby Letter of Credit.
Step 4 Copper is transported to destination port.
Step 5 inspections at destination port.
Step 6 Payment released by bank following successful inspections.
Copper stored at BMC warehouses.
Step 7 Cu Coin MBX is delivered to owners of copper as their
receipt of storage.

Blockchain Metal Company buys the underlying metals in bulk after each stage of the Initial Token Offering comes to an end by either reaching the Hard-Cap or the Time Limit.

All banks, transportation providers, insurance companies, and inspection agencies which we will work together with throughout the procurement process will be of certain reputation and size.

A copy of the official inspection documents will be published on our website to verify the existence and specifications of the underlying assets.


Blockchain Metal Company sources its metals from an international network of metallurgical operations with various sizes and production capacities. Our main suppliers are located in Uzbekistan, Zambia, and South Africa.

All companies we work with are committed to the socioeconomic development of their country and the communities surrounding their operations. They place sustainable development as integral to the way they do business. Furthermore they are up to the best corporate governance standards, consistent with best practices in the natural resources sector and are mandated to carry out their fiduciary and management responsibilities. Warranting that there is no risk of funding of terror or other illegal insurgents, slavery, child labour, or human trafficking in any part of their business or supply chains.



Uzbekistan is a country with very favorable natural and geographical conditions among the countries of Central Asia. Almalyk MMC

Find more information about the company here: www.agmk.uz


An estimated 10% of Global copper reserves are located in Zambia. Blockchain Metal Company works together with Companies registered in both Zambia and South Africa that operate various size open pit mines with integrated metallurgical operations.

These companies have substantial high grade mineral reserves and one of the lowest production costs in the world. The largest operation has a monthly production capacity of over 10,000 Tons of Copper Cathodes per Month.


We aim to establish warehouses in every major physical market across the world as our operations expand. Holders of Cu Coin MBX can visit the facilities and access their copper on any business day immediately after the issuance of Cu Coin MBX to their e-wallet. Alternatively holders can get in touch with us to organize the exchange and physical delivery to a desired destination anywhere in the world.

Our first warehouse will be located in the Federal Republic of Germany as it provides a safe political and economic environment. Furthermore, as an Industrial Powerhouse, it has a lot of demand for copper, but also provides an ideal outlet to other major markets:

European Economic Area (makes up for 18% of global copper consumption) and trade agreements with numerous other countries.

Fast and cost effective transport ensured through one of the Worlds most developed highway, railway, and waterway infrastructure. Proximity to major industrial zones and logistical centers. 0% import tariffs on industrial metals.

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