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We are suited to physical traders, financial instrument traders, long term investors and those involved with cryptocurrency investment and speculation. The Ethereum Blockchain is simple to use and highly accessible, opening the metals trade to a whole new group of actors and funds.

Exchange your

Exchange your Cu Coin MBX for physical copper at any time from our storage facility. Alternatively you can trade it online on our own or third party exchanges, and in over the counter off-market deals.

Transparency and 

Utilising the Ethereum blockchain ensures unprecedented security and transparency for your peace of mind. Regarding physical security we go beyond industry standards to ensure the high quality of the underlying metals you purchase.




Smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain allow trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among distant parties without the need for external enforcement mechanisms such as banking tools commonly used in the physical trade of commodities (e.g. Letter of Credit). With Cu Coin as the connection between the Ethereum blockchain and tangible copper, both payment and delivery obligations in a trade deal can be verified and executed turn in turn, by means a simple smart-contract, thereby replacing the need for banking tools entirely.



Fewer intermediaries which provides the lowest transaction, trading, and operational fees through the utilisation of the Ethereum blockchain.

Furthermore; no complicated logistics, ongoing storage, or customs costs whilst trading, until ownership of copper reaches the end consumer.



The BMC is ensuring the quality and existence of the underlying copper. The blockchain, which is considered extremely secure, makes tampering with or creating illegitimate duplicates of the Cu Coin certificates impossible. Decentralisation also eliminates any operational risks stemming from intermediaries.



Using Cu Coin is as easy as trading or holding any other Ethereum based token and gives the user full control over their asset with the ability to store it in a wallet of their choosing. Furthermore the asset is transferable between online marketplaces that are accessible globally, trading is also possible in off-market and OTC deals.



Holders of Cu Coin are the direct owners of ready to deploy copper (without any complex contractual systems) and so do not face the risk of non-delivery through the BMC. Even incase of a dissolution of the BMC, holders of Cu Coin will be entitled to the underlying copper. Speculate on the price of copper without the typical risks (excluding market risk) that come with traditional instruments like future contracts or CFDs and Options!

When prices move against open CFD or Option positions the provider may liquidate the positions at a loss for which the speculator is held liable (the downside risk of a CFD is unlimited, whereas the most that can be lost on an option is the price of the option itself). Another dimension is counterparty risk, if the counterparty to a contract fails to meet their financial obligations, the instrument may have little or no value regardless of the underlying asset. This means that a CFD trader could potentially incur severe losses, even if the price of the underlying asset moves in the desired direction.



With ongoing demand in the industry, prices are likely to experience continuous growth in the long term. Diversify your portfolio with Cu Coin MBX and benefit of a promising and relatively low risk investment. For more information click here!



As further incentive to participate in our Initial Token Offering we offer our customers the underlying Copper (and so Cu Coin) at a price significantly below its market value. This is made possible through our supplier network and our bulk purchase system. We are the first crypto ITO that enables its investors to purchase the underlying metals below market price; Storage, transport, and customs included.



The Cu Coin, once at scale is likely to bring stability and add value to the Crypto market in general as it will be a truly asset-backed token with an indestructible real world value.



Why Us?

By tokenizing ownership of copper we create the most superior instrument used for trading industrial and precious metals to date. Blockchain technology helps create the most secure, flexible, and accessible platform with many cost saving factors. Perhaps the most exciting feature being its underlying smart contract which can replace costly banking tools such as Letters of Credit when settling complex international trades.

The chosen legal framework offers holders of Cu Coin MBX one of the most secure legal frameworks on the crypto market. Cu Coin MBX is legally designed as a negotiable warehouse receipt for 1Kg of Grade A Copper Cathodes and in accordance with §475 HGB (German Commercial Code).

Furthermore with Cu Coin MBX holders do not face the typical counterparty and settlement risks associated with traditional financial instruments such as Options or CFDs. Even in case of a bankruptcy of the BMC the holders of Cu Coin MBX will remain the owners of their underlying copper.

We are able to offer our customers the most competitive price amongst all financial instruments online as well as compared to bulk prices on the physical market. Shipment to storage facility, storage, and customs is included in the price. Holders of Cu Coin MBX will not pay any ongoing storage fees.


View our online Data Room using the link below to find out how you could trade physical assets globally with the security and transparency of the Ethereum blockchain.

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Our roadmap outlines the plans we have in store for The Blockchain Metal Company.

Development Phase
- Concept development
- Communication with copper producers
- Legal evaluation
- Incorporation of Blockchain Metal Company
- Team building
Marketing Phase
- Community building
- PR & Marketing
- Finalization of operational concepts & contracts
- Search for investors
- Development of smart contract
ITO Stage 1
- Discount: 5% on LME price
- FMX Bonus: 4 FMX per $10
- Delivery: (latest) 4 Months after end of stage
ITO Stage 2
- Discount: 4% on LME price
- FMX Bonus: 3 FMX per $10
- Delivery: (latest) 3 Months after end of stage
ITO Stage 3
- Discount: 3% on LME price
- FMX Bonus: 2 FMX per $10
- Delivery: (latest) 3 Months after end of stage
- Launch of Metal Blockchain Exchange
ITO Stage 4
- Discount: 2% on LME price
- FMX Bonus: 1 FMX per $10
- Delivery: (latest) 3 Months after end of stage
ITO Stage 5
- Discount: 1% on LME price
- FMX Bonus: 0 FMX
- Delivery: (latest) 2 Months after end of stage
- Growth of Metal Blockchain Exchange
- Launch of new cryptocurrencies backed by different metals
- Expansion into new storage facilities

Roadmap dates are subject to change.

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